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Vanilla Cake Soy Candle

Vanilla Cake Soy Candle

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Experience the irresistible aroma of this fragrance, expertly crafted to evoke the rich, buttery and creamy scent of vanilla. The perfect blend of buttercream and vanilla creates a deep, rich and decadent aroma that will leave you wanting more. This fragrance is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of warmth and comfort to their space, and for those who appreciate the classic, comforting scent of vanilla cake.


Product Information

Our Candles:
  • Handmade individually with natural soy wax
  • High quality premium fragrance oil
  • Natural wood wick (eco-friendly, burns cleaner and a cracking ambiance)
  • Reusable black matte tin with lid
  • Highly scented
Candle Dimensions & Burn Time
2oz sample
    • 1" height - 2.625" width
6oz candle
    • 2.2" height - 3.5" width
    • 25+ burn time
11oz candle
    • 4" height - 3.5" width
    • 50+ burn time
Our products are handmade in small batches. Our handmade products may have a slight difference in color, slight off centered labels, slight off centered woodwick, etc. This will not impact the quality and performance of our candle.

    Care Instructions

    Wood Wick Candle Care Tips

    We recommend for your first candle burn to always burn your candles for a few hours until you have a complete melt pool all the way to the edges of the container. Soy wax has a "memory", meaning it will only burn to where it was extinguished the first time you burned the candle. This is WHY your first burn is so important. It prevents your candle from tunneling and ensures your candle to burn evenly and you get the most from your candle.

    - Please do not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time.

    - Keep away from children and pets.

    - Use in well-ventilated area and away from flammable objects and surfaces.

    Our wood wick are eco-friendly. They burn longer, cleaner and have a soothing crackling ambiance. Wood wicks are a little different from a traditional cotton wick. They require more care. Here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your candle:

    - Always trim your wick before each use. Make sure to trim your wick to 1/4". Remove all charred wood from previous burns. If you do not your wick cannot absorb the wax and burn properly.

    - Be careful to not let any debris from your wick fall into your candle.

    Benefits of Soy Wax Candles
    Natural soy wax is derived from the soybean, soy wax is a hydrogenated vegetable oil that turns to a solid at room temperature. After they are harvested, the beans are cleaned, cracked, dehulled and rolled into flakes. Soy wax contains nothing artificial, which makes it a better alternative to old-fashioned paraffin wax. Soy wax is non-toxic making it better both for the envoriment and your health. Because soy wax is made of all natural materials soy wax delivers a cleaner burn while delivering stronger scents to being healthier to burn.

    Wax frosting is a perfect natural effect of using soy wax and it is unique to vegetable waxes, especially soy wax. When frosting occurs it is a sign of using 100% natural wax. The frost or crystals formed will not affect the performance of our candle in any way.

    Shipping & Returns

    Processing Time:

    Our processing time for your order varies 1-3 business days. 

    Shipping Times

    All orders will ship in 3-5 business days after processing time.

    We will e-mail your tracking number once order is ready to ship. Once package is scanned by the postal service, we no longer have control of the estimated date your package will be delivered. 

    Customers are responsible to monitor tracking of package. Flavor Melts LLC is not responsible for any delays, lost or missing packages.

    If you have any questions regarding your order or status, please contact us at we will do our best to make sure you receive your order on a timely matter.

    Summer Shipping Time:

    During the months of June - August every order in Connecticut will be shipped Monday - Thursday. If outside of Connecticut your order will be shipped Monday - Wednesday. This is to prevent packages left in hot warehouses for a long period of time. It is very important to monitor your package to prevent your package from being in excessive heat.

    Flavor Melts LLC is not responsible for packages left in mailbox or in direct sunlight during hot temperatures that may cause your candle to sweat or melt. We encourage our customers to retrieve packages as soon as possible. 



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